Be Mine. Superstar
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Be Mine. Superstar

Be Mine. Superstar (2023)

Trạng thái: Full (12/12) HD Vietsub

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Thời lượng: 45 phút/tập


Quốc gia:AnhThái Lan

Diễn viên:Bosston Suphadach WilairatFirst Chalongrat NovsamrongJa Phachara SuansriJo Kavinpat ThanahiransilpWayo Peerawat Sareewong

Thể loại: Tâm Lý

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Be Mine. Superstar 2023, Be Mine. Superstar Full (12/12) HD Vietsub

Title: Be Mine. Superstar 2023

Genre: Romantic Comedy/Musical

Be Mine. Superstar 2023 is a heartwarming romantic comedy that revolves around the life of Emma Stevens, a talented but undiscovered singer-songwriter, and James Thompson, a famous and charismatic pop star. Set in the year 2023, the film takes the audience on a delightful journey of love, dreams, and self-discovery.

Emma, a small-town girl with big dreams, has been trying to make it in the music industry for years. She spends her days working at a local cafe and her nights performing at open mic nights, hoping for her big break. Meanwhile, James Thompson is a worldwide sensation, loved by millions for his catchy pop songs and mesmerizing performances.

One fateful day, Emma’s path crosses with James when he secretly visits her small town for a break from his hectic celebrity life. Emma, unaware of his identity, strikes up a conversation with the charming stranger. They spend the day exploring the town, sharing their dreams, and bonding over their love for music.

As they spend more time together, their connection deepens, and Emma starts to fall for James. However, their budding romance faces numerous challenges as they navigate the complexities of fame, the music industry, and the expectations of their respective worlds.

When James’ true identity is finally revealed, Emma must decide whether she can handle the spotlight that comes with being a superstar’s girlfriend. Meanwhile, James begins to question the superficiality of his fame and the sacrifices he has made for his career.

With the help of their friends and loved ones, Emma and James embark on a journey of self-discovery, chasing their dreams while navigating the ups

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