Love Forecast
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Love Forecast

Love Forecast (2015)

Trạng thái: HD Vietsub

Thời lượng: 118 Phút


Quốc gia:Hàn Quốc

Đạo diễn:Park Jin Pyo

Diễn viên:Go YoonJung Joon-youngLee Seo JinLee Seung GiMoon Chae Won

Thể loại: Hài Hước, Tình Cảm

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Love Forecast 2015, Love Forecast HD Vietsub

“Love Forecast” (also known as “Today’s Love”) is a heartwarming romantic comedy film that revolves around the unpredictable and complicated nature of love. The story follows the lives of Joon-soo, a former baseball player turned weather forecaster, and Hyun-woo, an attractive and career-driven woman.

Joon-soo and Hyun-woo have been best friends since childhood and have always relied on each other for advice and support. However, their friendship takes a different turn when Joon-soo realizes his romantic feelings for Hyun-woo. Afraid of jeopardizing their friendship, Joon-soo tries to hide his true feelings.

As the story progresses, Joon-soo and Hyun-woo both find themselves in different romantic relationships. Joon-soo starts dating Soo-jin, a sweet and bubbly woman, while Hyun-woo becomes involved with Dong-jin, a charismatic and successful businessman. Despite being in these new relationships, Joon-soo and Hyun-woo can’t help but constantly think about each other.

Throughout the film, the characters experience the ups and downs of love, facing various obstacles that put their relationships to the test. Joon-soo struggles with his feelings for Hyun-woo, questioning the loyalty he feels towards Soo-jin. On the other hand, Hyun-woo grapples with the realization that her relationship with Dong-jin might not be as fulfilling as she had hoped.

As the story reaches its climax, Joon-soo realizes that his heart has always belonged to Hyun-woo. He must muster the courage to confess his feelings, even if it means potentially losing their friendship. Hyun-woo also finds herself

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