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My Dear Enemy

My Dear Enemy

My Dear Enemy 2008Sep. 21, 2023Đang cập nhật
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Xem phim My Dear Enemy - My Dear Enemy 2008

Hee-Soo, a single and thirty-year-old woman, is frustrated and in desperate need of rest. In her desperation, she starts looking for her ex-boyfriend, Byoung-woon, who owes her $3,500. To her inconvenience, it turns out that Byoung-woon is also broke, but he cheerfully declares that he can get money from a series of other girlfriends. Suspicious, Hee-Soo decides to trail Byoung-woon as he interacts with different lady friends, just in case he’s trying to deceive her. And so, the pair embarks on a strange and nostalgic journey together.

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